Monday, March 29, 2010

Thanks Gianluca Quagliano for the love!

Thanks also to Tony (MEMENTO)


The Guido Gourmet said...

Hi, Re-posting this here in case you did not see it on the older post that it is in reference to...


The photo of the gazebo from Osprey's Dominion that you have posted here is mine. I took the photo, and I have it posted on my flickr site.

I don't mind people using my work, but I ask that people ask me permission first. Also, you have it posted on your photobucket site as if it is your own photo.

Please delete the photograph from your photobucket website. If you would like to continue to use my photo on your blog, please link directly to my photograph on my flickr page.

I'm assuming this is just an honest mistake and that you didn't intentionally violate my copyright.


Poets Skate Shop said...

no violation intended. just liked your photo. Deleted.

The Guido Gourmet said...

No problem. I'm glad you liked it! You may still use it, just use the original URL on my site. It's just a little shocking for a photographer to see his work saved and reposted on someone else's photobucket site. I'm actually quite flattered you liked it.