Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clang, Clang, Clang, rhymes pluckin at cha brain!

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crisky said...

Amazing! Have you heard that early Wu demo with this on?
The version of Bring Da Ruckus on there is incredible too.
The young Raekwon gets me every time... "Somethin' new from my real live raps and so catch this,
While I kick a verse like chapters.
I'm all of that, proceed with the militant act
With the rugged Timberlands or with boots that's black!
But on the real, I'm cold like blue steel.
Out to catch a hit and make a mil...(CHILL!)
Maintain yourself black! You're strappin' all of that!
But you ain't got shit in this shack Jack!!!
That's my word! I'm used to beef and I can eat it mad raw,
And pick it out my gold teeth!
But yo! Back to the subject, Wu's tryin' ta get wrecked yo
Pass the weed thru your shit god mic check! Need a little meth yo
true!!! Back to me flippin' you and your so called zoo!
You got nothin' on a nigga from Staten,
A drunk monk, smokin' mad skunk and stackin'!
I didn't need rap shit to get me on, I was a crimey,
Drivin' a Benz hearin' my man's song.
And when shit gone broke out, everybody got smoked out,
And cops drove the wrong route!
Don't act evil and possess to hurt me, 40 gunz be flowin' in ya face,
Who want's some!!!