Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm slicker this year
I'm slicker this year
Myrtle Ave A-train got the pic in my hair
and what 16 joints later still lounge
fresh, from flatbush in my baggy booster gets
style is tight ees bust the cami' fatigues
50,000 leagues of black, so what's up
can we avenue slide player style ghetto walk
to the east and wild Crooklyn, New York
creamy kid yo smith and wesson win a blessing
the angular slang blow spots..bang..eleven
hangin' like bats.cos..the 12 inch wax.
say scorpio
and my hair say 'fro
and my blood say bro
my clics say "eh, yo!"
make sparks from the barrel me tal pistol

to the depths I dive seems lunar like aqua
the cool blast mega we black we wild flowers
"Scott La Rock had emm all," I gots the ball
and roll a little panthers through these project halls
the 3-color flag can't hold my baggys sag
7 1 8 to omega
black motion is ocean style
slick in my ways since days of the classic
now glamour boys want to be triple phatted
but I'm slicker this year
I'm slicker this year, yea

east born
beast candles on?
lovely all over the city
and your tape deck blasting
7ods and the phat fly sneakers
and the camouflage