Friday, October 16, 2009

What is LI Oddities all about?
Well it is about the things that makes Long Island a different and interesting place. It's about left over remnants of our long history, the legends that scare us.

LI Folklore - These are the stories, usually scary, passed down generation to generation, that we love to tell. Included are tales of Mary's grave and the associated apparition, The secret horrifying government experiments at Camp Hero, The tale of Mary Hatchet who is coming to seek revenge.

Asylums - This is were through photographs, historic essays and virtual tours we document the history of Long Islands abandoned asylums, which are The Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Pilgrim State Hospital, and the Central Islip Psychiatric Center.

Bygone - Sometimes history can leave traces of itself behind in our everyday path or off the beaten trail. This is where we document these wondrous things. Examples include ruins and remnants of gold coast estates, forgotten rail road spurs, and other thing found right in our neighborhood.

Abandoned - This is where we show you the many interesting and historic abandoned structures around the Island. Some are historic others are structures in your own neighborhood that may arouse curiosity when you pass them.

Cemeteries - LI has some interesting and unusual cemeteries and this is where we show them to you.

Roadside - This is the place to see roadside attractions. Things that stand out and make us smile on our journeys around town. Examples would include a giant Indian, a F-16 suspended above traffic, and quaint roadside eateries.

Ghosts - Is a place for the paranormal of Long Island to be displayed. It includes a list of haunted places with pictures and the stories behind each.

UFOs - Believe it or not LI has quite a number of UFO sightings. Here we document each. We will bring you pictures and stories of the outer worldly things around the Island.

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