Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roslyn Clock Tower


For more than a century, the Roslyn Clock Tower has stood on Northern Boulevard. The 44-foot tower was built in 1895 for $7,000, in memory of Ellen Eliza Ward, twice-widowed, long time resident whose estate was valued at $3 million when she died in 1893.

Over the entrance of the Clock Tower it says: "In loving memory of Ellen E. Ward, A.D. 1895, to whom Roslyn and its people were dear. She fell asleep January 18, 1893."

The tower was given to Roslyn by her children and heirs, Virginia, Robert, and William Stuart. It was built from granite with red sandstone trimmings, brick-lined walls-2 feet, 6 inches thick. The bell weighs 2,700 pounds. The clock made by Seth Thomas Manufacturing Co., is operated by large weights that drop slowly.

Charles H. Pearsall continued as keeper of the Clock Tower until he died in 1937. The next caretaker was George Washington, until his last illness in 1959. He was the son of a man who was born a slave. On July 18, 1995, the tower was deeded to the village. On the same grassy plot at Roslyn Road is a cannon, taken by the "U.S.S.Wasp" from a Spanish gunboat, "Don Jorge Juan", sunk during the Spanish American War in 1890. Our Clock Tower is an historic landmark, a beacon to all who enter Roslyn. It is the point at which travelers get their bearings and locate the paths on which they need to travel.

Written by Lexi K. & Rebecca N. 5th graders from East Hills School, Roslyn, New York.


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