Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Definition of Etiquette: the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.
It's more or less thinking of others and how others perceive us: So that everyone knows the rules for doing things and everyone is in a very comfortable position in society.
Believe it or not, etiquette - or good manners, if you like that phrase better- is one of those basic principles. Rules of good behavior have been built up over hundreds of years.
Good manners are not only indispensable in society, but they have a very practical value in the business world. Breeding is an essential part of the equipment of anyone who wishes to go far in his particular work or profession. No doubt many failures can be traced to boorishness, to lack of consideration for one's fellows, to neglect of the courtesies essential to civilized living...In both social and business life we seek the people with whom we can be at ease, the people whose manners do not offend us and in whose company we feel entirely comfortable. There is, indeed, nothing that costs less and at the same time is of more value to you than good manners... However, it must be remembered that...Just as words die from our language and others are born into it, just as skirts soar to the knees one season and tumble to the ankles the next, so do the formalities and outward gestures of etiquette vary according to the times. Although the spirit of etiquette remains always essentially the same, the expression of etiquette- the rules of conduct which govern social life and our associations with one another- is forever adjusting itself to new conditions.
So, in other words, learn the definition of etiquette early. Take in all the basic knowledge that you can now, so that you too can adjust to our ever changing world.

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