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Espera DeCorti (Iron Eyes Cody) Apr 3 1904-Jan 5 1999

Native Long Island:
The early native Americans were members of the Algonquin tribe which were broken into thirteen communities on Long island.
Each community had its own Sachem or leader.
Two of the 1600's great Sachems were Wyandanch aka crimedanch of the Montauks and Tackapausha of the Massapequas.
1.Canarsies (fenced place) now Brooklyn/Jamaica
2.Rocaways (sandy land) now Rocaway beach
3.Matinecocks (hilly land) now Flushing, Glen Cove, Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington
4.Massapequas (great waterland) now Seaford to Islip also occuping Bethpage.
5.Merricks (plains country) now Merrick
6.Secatogs (black or colored land) now Eastport and Bridgehampton
7.Nissaquoges (clay country) now Nissaquoge to Stony Brook
8.Setaukets (land at the mouth of the river) now Stony Brook to Wading River
9.Unkechaugs (land beyond the hill) now Patchogue to Westhampton
10.Corchaugs (principal place) now Wading River to Orient Point
11.Manhassets (island sheltered by islands)now Shelter Island,Ram Island, Hog Island
12.Shinnecocks (level land) now Westhampton to Easthampton
13.Montauks (fortified place) now East Hampton to Montauk Point. Thier chief was the grand chief of all the Algonquins.


Nancy Iannucci said...

Yes, we must honor the 13 tribes of Long Island. I remember reading that this man in the famous American Indian commericals was actual not Indian, but Italian. Go figure. HA!

Anonymous said...

so what were the tribes from Westbury called?

Poets Skate Shop said...

Yeah my man Iron Eyes had both 1st generation Italian parents. They moved to Cali in 1924, he changed his name from DiCorti to Corti finally to Cody. He started an acting career portraying a native American, married an Indian woman, had two Indian kids and its a wrap from then on.
As far as Westbury, they took one look at Post ave. and said stoooooops!